Litigation & Discovery Support Services

Virtual Paralegal Services provides on-demand, senior-level, litigation support to attorneys. VPS's litigation support team has been assisting attorneys for more than 10 years, from small claims to multi-million dollar, large commercial cases. By giving firms access to a litigation support team, VPS enables firms, in particular, small firms, to keep cases and clients all the way through trial.

VPS has extensive experience in case management, pre-trial pleadings and motions, discovery, and trial preparation and trial support. VPS's senior litigation paralegals and discovery specialists provide litigation attorneys with more capability and support when they need it.

Click HERE for a recent example of how VPS assisted a small firm win a big case.

Some of the litigation support services VPS provides include:

  • Research issues and prepare case summaries
  • Research rules of procedure and assure adherence
  • Draft and review pleadings, injunctions, motions
  • Draft responses to subpoenas, document, and deposition requests
  • Prepare correspondence to clients, courts, counsel and other parties
  • Prepare witness and matter materials, organize interview memos, digests and other relevant documents for attorney review and case preparation
  • Review depositions and summarize transcripts
  • Manage document production, chain of custody, and litigation holds
  • Review and summarize documents and materials
  • Manage litigation support systems and databases
  • Prepare privilege logs
  • Comprehensive E-Discovery support throughout the entire EDRM process from initial preservation through final production
  • Organize briefs, exhibits, and appendices

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Senior Level Legal Professionals

  • On-demand access
  • Specialized support
  • Diverse range of practice areas
  • Attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals

*Proven experience that delivers a single point of contact for your firm collaboration from start to finish​* Agile Legal Services is not a law firm. Our work product should not replace competent legal advice.