Corporate Governance and Minute Book Compliance

Do you struggle to keep corporate governance documents and minute books up to date?

Now is a good time for this important housekeeping item. Not only does it help protect your good standing and limit liability, but it also is a proactive step that can be taken ahead of a deal or transaction.

Initial and Reconstructive Minute Book Services

Rely on the detail oriented Agile Legal team to provide reliable administration of minute books and company records.

Initial Minute Books:

At the incorporation/formation of the company, Agile Legal creates an electronic minute book that includes:

  • An easy reference summary sheet providing all company information
  • Index with tabbed sections
  • Organizational documents
  • A qualification chart (if applicable)
  • Beneficial ownership

Reconstruction Services:

In cases where the company's minute book has not been maintained or has been lost or destroyed, Agile Legal will:

  • Research domestic and foreign state filings
  • Compile records from closing materials and other sources to reconstruct the history of the company
  • Prepare amendments to the company’s charter or bylaws to comply with updated state laws
  • Prepare directors’ and stockholders’ consents as necessary to ratify prior actions
  • Prepare qualification chart listing all states where a company is qualified together with dates of qualification/registration for the minute book
  • Track and recreate beneficial ownership history
  • Create loss affidavits and replacement stock certificates
  • Prepare secretary’s certificate attesting to the accuracy of records (if required)

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