Intellectual Property

Agile Legal Services team of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professional can assist with nearly all your intellectual property needs. Intellectual Property Services Icon From forms completion, to drafting, to managing data in applications for critical due dates and calendaring.  We have the team and expertise to support your attorney while navigating the USPTO.


  • Conduct preliminary and common law searches online
  • Search international registrations via Madrid Express Database
  • Order full trademark search from your preferred provider
  • Assist in preparing state trademark/service mark filings
  • Assist in preparing trade name and business certificates
  • International trademark filings
  • Track trademark/service mark renewal requirements
  • Assist with preparing the following:
    • Affidavits to Allege Use and Sections 8, 71 & 15 Affidavits
    • Trademark Renewals, including Sections 71 & 9
    • Trademark and Service Mark Applications with appropriate filing basis, Including Priority filings
    • Responses to Office Actions
    • Trademark and Service Mark License Agreements
    • Trademark Cease and Desist Letters
    • Petitions to the Director
    • Specimens of Use for filing in the USPTO


  • Perform copyright and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Agent searches online
  • File DMCA Agent registration with the Library of Congress
  • Assist with preparing copyright applications
  • Assist with preparing supplemental copyright registrations
  • Assist with preparing:
    • Copyright assignments
    • Content distribution agreements - Notice of copyright infringement - Notice of DMCA violation
    • Permission to use material

Due Diligence

  • Perform due diligence on acquired and divested portfolios
  • Process and prepare appropriate documents to complete transfer, including statutory documents, for filing in the USPTO
  • Upload IP portfolio with pertinent docketing information

Intellectual Property Administration and Maintenance

  • Prepare tracking chart for all intellectual property
  • Prepare and maintain tickler system for updated filings
  • Review and organize all trademarks, service marks, copyrights and patents
  • Prepare an IP spreadsheet summarizing all pertinent information
  • Create intellectual property e-files

*For any client relationships utilizing our intellectual property services we require clients to maintain a current practicing attorney of record in our files for all USPTO submissions or interactions as required by statute.