Formation Services & Searches

Comprehensive formation services in 120 countries are available to clients across the world so the uncertainty of setting up a new entity can be removed.

Our experienced, expert agents are distinguished by their ability to communicate clearly in English and the language of their jurisdiction, speeding up timelines, and their efficiency and timeliness in dealing with matters that arise.

We have designed our services to give your overseas ventures the best chance of success from the very start.

Entity Registration

Maintaining international competitiveness and broadening access to foreign markets is essential for many entities. Extend your global footprint to reach more customers, and diversify and increase your revenue stream by utilizing Agile Legal to incorporate your legal entity in foreign jurisdictions and/or register your company as a foreign branch in the international marketplace.

Preparation of organization documents

Incorporating documents that don’t meet in-country regulations prevent entities from being set up. Ensure compliance with local legal and notary requirements by getting our international agents and experts to prepare your constitutional documents in accordance with all local regulations and statutory laws.

Registry Filings

Take the guess work out of your international entity formations and have Agile Legal submit your incorporation, annual compliance, and event based filings with the appropriate offices in the jurisdiction you are entering.

Registered Office Provision

Our domiciliation services will provide you an in-country registered office address and where required, a registered agent. In certain jurisdictions we can also provide a physical office lease.

Resident Director Provision

Some jurisdictions require a resident director for the in-country regulatory body’s ease of contact and recourse. Through our worldwide agent network, we provide vetted and experienced directors, contracted with the client that can be depended on to keep you compliant with these regulations.


In addition to annual and event based compliance filings, we offer resident company secretary services to include corporate records management and board meetings and services so that your entity can stay in good-standing after it has been established.