Managing Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Controlling costs while managing exposure to risk makes navigating commercial real estate litigation a difficult task. Delegating tasks between your in-house team and outside counsel is one way to manage costs, but your in-house team may have limited bandwidth resulting in outside counsel handling more routine tasks at a significant premium.

Agile Legal gives your company access to an on-demand team of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals that can assist your in-house team at various levels and stages of your matter.  Because Agile Legal is a purely on-demand resource and can scale quickly to meet your needs, you can control costs while still having access to an experienced legal support team.

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Most often our senior-level team supports litigation tasks or projects that include:

  • Chain of Custody
  • e-Discovery
  • Litigation Holds
  • Reviewing and Summarizing Documents
  • Litigation Management Systems Administration
  • Preparation of Privilege Logs
  • Researching rules of procedure and assurance adherence
  • Deposition review and transcript summary