Corporate Minute Books and Governance Records

Keeping your corporate minute books and governance records up to date and accurate is often an overlooked task, especially for growing businesses.  However, ensuring these vital corporate records are regularly maintained saves time and headache when events require them to be produced.  Events such as titling assets, borrowing funds, or a potential acquisition or merger.  

Critical time can be lost reviewing minute books, recreating or drafting consents and resolutions, and locating and verifying compliance with State and Government Offices.

Agile Legal consists of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals that have decades of specialized experience in managing minute books and corporate records. Let the Agile team assist your company with getting and keeping corporate records up to date. 

Minute Book and Records Review:

  • Audit current minute books, charter documents, bylaws/operating agreements to ensure alignment
  • Review transactions and business changes and corresponding consents, resolutions, and minutes to ensure they are authorized
  • Draft necessary consents, resolutions, and minutes


  • Draft/update entity jurisdiction chart
  • Draft/update entity organization charts
  • Draft/update signature blocks
  • Develop entity summary sheet for each entity
  • Review and update stock ledger and cap tables